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SpeedyPin proudly sells authentic STi Phone Cards online. When you buy an STi card online at your PIN is delivered via email so you can make calls instantly.

Choose from multiple card denominations ($5, $10 or $20) to best fit your phone call budget. Buy online confidently knowing your order is secure and backed by our 100% Phone Card Guarantee.

Our STi Phone Cards

STi Muchacho
$5    learn more  $5 STi Muchacho
$10  learn more  $10 STi Muchacho
$20  learn more  $20 STi Muchacho
STi Mundo
$5    learn more  $5 STi Mundo
$10  learn more  $10 STi Mundo
$20  learn more  $20 STi Mundo
STi New Africa
$5    learn more  $5 STi New Africa
$10  learn more  $10 STi New Africa
$20  learn more  $20 STi New Africa

STi New Era
$5    learn more  $5 STi New Era
$10  learn more  $10 STi New Era
$20  learn more  $20 STi New Era
STi Pollo Loco
$5    learn more  $5 STi Pollo Loco
$10  learn more  $10 STi Pollo Loco
$20  learn more  $20 STi Pollo Loco
STi Explore
$5    learn more  $5 STi Explore
$10  learn more  $10 STi Explore
$20  learn more  $20 STi Explore

STi Free
$5    learn more  $5 STi Free
$10  learn more  $10 STi Free
$20  learn more  $20 STi Free
Total Quality Minutes
Network Services by STi
$5    learn more  $5 Quality Minutes
$10  learn more  $10 Quality Minutes
$20  learn more  $20 Quality Minutes
Network Services by STi
$5    learn more  $5 Safari
$10  learn more  $10 Safari
$20  learn more  $20 Safari

STiPhonecard is an industry leader and provides quality phone cards offering very competitive international rates and excellent voice quality. Buy an STi phone card online today.

How to buy an STi Phone Card at

  1. Click on a featured card above to buy or learn more. Or,
    use the rate finder above to view our best rates.
  2. Next, select and purchase your STi phone card online.
  3. Your phone card PIN(s) will be sent to you instantly
    via email.

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