Millions of Dollars Generated Annually by Calling Card Affiliates

Calling Card Affiliates Generate Millions of Dollars
By SpeedyPin
Calling Card Affiliates Generate Millions of Dollars

The prepaid calling card industry generates billions of dollars in revenue every year. A large part of this revenue—in the millions—is generated by affiliates. The competition is fierce, but you too can make money with the right calling card affiliate program.

A large part of this revenue—in the millions—is created by affiliates.

Before joining a calling cards affiliate program, you should first know the basic workings of an affiliate program. In its most simplistic form, an online affiliate program works by you placing a link on your website, which points to a merchant’s website whose products and/or services you promote/sell.

When a visitor from your website clicks on your affiliate link, they are taken to the merchant’s website where they can buy something. If the visitor purchases something from the merchant’s website, you receive a commission payment for the sale (percentage of the sale, or a fixed dollar amount).

Yes, making money with a calling card affiliate program can be that simple. However, most successful affiliates will tell you that making money with an affiliate program requires you to expend some personal resources (time and money). And the amount of money you can make is directly tied to selecting the right program and merchant.

Not all prepaid calling card merchants and affiliate programs are created equal. Do your homework before selecting a merchant to promote. Ideally, you will want to find a merchant who offers a calling cards affiliate program, which best supplements your existing marketing and programming knowledge and capabilities.

To help you better qualify a potential calling card merchant to promote, consider the following questions.

  1. How well-known is the merchant’s brand and calling cards. What does the brand mean to current and potential customers?
  2. What is the commission schedule; flat or tiered?
  3. If successful, is there an opportunity for you to earn a higher commission?
  4. Can you signup affiliates under me (sub-affiliates)?
  5. What level of support does the merchant offer to its affiliates? If you call will somebody answer the phone? If you send an email will you receive a reply?
  6. Can you access my account online 24/7?
  7. What types of advertising tools are available to help you promote the merchant’s products and services (i.e. banner ads, text links, rate finders, etc.)?
  8. Does the program offer adequate reporting tools to help you better measure the success of your promotional efforts (i.e. ad tracking tools, new customer report, commission report, etc.)?
  9. Does the merchant offer basic and/or advanced affiliate training?
  10. What payment options are available (type and payment period)?

Once you select a merchant to promote and have signed up for their calling cards affiliate program, contact their affiliate team and introduce yourself. This is a great way to share your ideas and solicit feedback from the affiliate team. In general, this is a great way to kick-off a strong affiliate/merchant relationship.

In closing, if you follow the aforementioned advice you will have a better chance at earning your part of the millions of dollars in revenue that calling card affiliates generate for merchants every year. The competition will indeed be fierce, but you are now armed with information that can help you to be more successful than the average calling card affiliate.

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