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Calling Cards - A Cheap Way to Keep in Touch While Traveling
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Are you feeling lost with the growing distance that has suddenly cropped up between you and your beloved, as they are away from you due to business or perhaps even studying abroad? There is no need to worry further, as advancement in the telecommunications industry has created a very cheap way to keep in touch while traveling.

The main advantage of prepaid calling cards is their very, low domestic and international rates.

Known by the name “calling card,” this prepaid telecommunications product makes it extremely affordable and cheap to keep in touch. Now, you might be asking yourself, "What is a calling card?" In short, a calling card is a telecommunications product, which allows you to buy talk-time very inexpensively in advance of making long distance phone calls.

The main advantage of prepaid calling cards is their very, low domestic and international rates. For example, one can use a calling card to make a long distance call within the USA for as little as .06¢ per minute. You can even call from the USA to the world from as little as .05¢ per minute. Compare these rates to what you currently pay and you’ll see why many calling card users report savings of up to 95% on their long distance phone costs.

To make a long distance phone call with a calling card, one simply dials an Access Phone Number, enters their calling card’s unique PIN and then dials the phone number they wish to call. Some cards even offer time saving conveniences like PINless Dialing and Recharge. However, the benefits of these additional features may not be needed. If that’s the case just keep it simple.

TIP: Use speed dial to store the access phone number and destination number to reduce the amount of numbers you need dial.

In a nutshell, international calling cards are a cheap way to help you and your loved ones keep in touch while traveling. It is suggested that you select the right prepaid calling card for your specific needs.

To find the right calling card for your needs, please take a moment to compare our calling card rates.


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