Auto-recharge Your Phone Card - Never Run out of Minutes

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Setup Autorecharge for Your Phone Card.
Never run out of minutes.

You Have Total Control... Your specific auto-recharge settings tell our secure system how much money you want to have automatically added to your phone card PIN when its balance falls below $5. Quickly and easily manage auto-recharge settings for any/all of your phone cards directly from our website. An email is sent to you each time an auto-recharge occurs. You can even setup an email reminder.

TIP: Most of our phone cards are rechargeable.

Auto-recharge Benefits

  • Automatically add minutes to your phone card
  • Easily manage your preferences
  • Never run out of minutes

Auto-recharge Settings

How to Setup & Edit Your Auto-recharge Settings (Not Logged In)

How to Setup & Edit Your Auto-recharge Settings (Logged In)

Recharge Options

Recharge Online

Keep the same PIN! To add more minutes to your PIN, click the Recharge button for any card. You will be taken to the Recharge page where you will be able to enter your PIN number and select the amount of money you want to add to it.


Never run out of minutes! Auto-recharge is a free option that automatically recharges your phone card when your balance falls below $5. You decide how much money to add and you can terminate your auto-recharge options at any time from the My Account page on this website.

You will be given the option to enable auto-recharge settings when you add time to your PIN (see above).

Auto-recharge FAQs

  What is Auto-recharge?
  Is the Auto-recharge option free?
  Is Auto-recharge safe?
  Will my phone card be recharged while it is being used?
  Will you send an email confirmation to me everytime my PIN is automatically recharged?
  What if I do not want to use Auto-recharge?
  Do you store my credit card information?
  What is a reference transaction?
  Can I start or stop using the Auto-recharge option anytime I want?

Customer Care

Customer Support

Secure & Guaranteed

  100% Guarantee BBB Online

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