Top 5 Prepaid Phone Card Benefits - Top 5 Prepaid Calling Card Benefits

Top 5 Prepaid Phone Card Benefits
By SpeedyPin
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Maybe you've heard about others cutting their long distance bills in half (or better) by using prepaid phone cards to make long distance phone calls within the USA and Internationally. Maybe you're looking for new ways to use a phone card?

The Prepaid Phone Card Benefits:

1) Ultra-low Rates — Prepaid phone cards typically have much lower long distance rates (international and domestic USA) than traditional long distance services (even VOIP). By using a prepaid phone card you can easily save up to 95% on your long distance costs. And there is no need to switch long-distance carriers to receive the competitive rates prepaid phone cards offer.

2) Use With Virtually Any Phone — You can use phone cards from your home phone, cell phone, or office phone without having to discontinue existing long-distance service. And in most cases, a phone card will offer better per minute rates.

3) Ideal For Travel & Vacation — Before you travel for business, or go on vacation within the USA or Internationally, be sure to buy a prepaid phone card to take with you. You'll save on long distance calls made at major airports, many hotels, and your cell phone. Of course, it's always a good idea to contact your mobile service provider and hotel to make sure they accommodate phone card usage.

4) Accurately Budget For Your Long Distance Costs — Buy one large denomination, or appropriate number of smaller denomination phone cards to fit your monthly long distance calling needs. Doing this will allow you to accurately pay as you go, which means no more unexpectedly large phone bills at the end of the month.

5) Convenience & Time Saving Features — Some newer prepaid phone cards offer convenient time saving features that make them as easy to use as picking up your home phone and dialing. Look for phone cards that offer PINless Dialing, Recharge, and even Speed Dial.

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