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Guide to Calling Cards

"I recommend: For the best values on international calling cards, seek guidance from companies like SpeedyPin..."

Boston Globe - boston.com

Another phone menu: how to call home from abroad

"If you prefer a phone card, SpeedyPin.com has a comparison chart on its website (where, not surprisingly, phone cards are sold). A call from Spain to a land line in the contiguous United States would be..."

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Guide to Saving on International Phone Calls

"I recommend: Choose from a variety of prepaid call options at SpeedyPin or Nobelcom. Make sure you compare rates to get the best card for the particular country you'd like to call."

Emigrant Online

Step 4: Learning About Everyday Ireland

"The rates are much cheaper when calling Ireland from the states, and you can find some really great cards on the net, www.speedypin.com in particular."

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A Pause That Refreshes

Page 2: "If all else fails and you need to call home, you can reduce both hassles and expenses by using a prepaid phone card (compare rates at www.speedypin.com)..."

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Smart Ways to Study Abroad

"Remember land lines? They work, too. Check out low rates on prepaid phone cards at www.speedypin.com."

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"Info: Phone cards are often plagued by confusing pricing structures. For "cleaner" cards (an industry term for "simpler") try Zaptel (zaptel.com), SpeedyPin (speedypin.com) and United World Telecom (uwt4me.com)."

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The Wall Street Journal

Less Costly Overseas Calls

March 1, 2005; Page D1

Problem: Your international phone bills are through the roof.

Solution: The cost of an overseas call varies depending on whether you use a cellphone, land line or calling card. A Verizon land-line user without a plan will pay $2.97 a minute to call Australia, whereas it's 10 cents a minute with the company's International Choice Plan. Overseas calls from cellphones vary as well, with TMobile charging 29 cents a minute to Australia and Verizon 65 cents.

Prepaid calling cards and 10-10 numbers can be less costly. Cards are often made for specific countries or regions. The Simply Asia USA and Super Star cards advertise prices below two cents a minute to Australia, while numbers like 10-10-629 and 10-15-335 charge nine and four cents a minute, respectively. Compare cards at UnionTelecard.com, SpeedyPin.com and ZapTel.com; and 1010phonerates.com and CompareCalls.com for 10-10 services.

Caveat: Check the fine print for fees. Also, carrier fees can make overseas calls to cellphones pricier than land lines.

--Ian Mount

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