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Prepaid phone cards are ideal for travel because making a long distance phone call from a hotel room, airport or payphone can cost in excess of $1.00 per minute, and much more if outside of the United States of America.

The four following prepaid phone cards are ideal for long distance calling within the domestic USA, internationally, and calling back to USA from over 130 countries worldwide.


Phone Cards For Travel - Calling FROM or OUTSIDE of the USA

Clear & Clean
(Cheap Calling from the USA)
Clear & Clean International Phone Card
Available: $10, $20, $40, $80
(Call Cheap From 100 Countries)
Globetrotter International Phone Card
Available: $10, $20, $30, $40, $50

World Traveler
(Quality & Dependability)
World Traveler Phone Card
Available: $10, $20, $50
AT&T Prepaid Phone Cards
(AT&T Quality Service)
AT&T Prepaid Phone Card
Available: 125 min, 900 min, 1200 min

How to Find the Right Phone Card Before You Travel:

 How to Buy a Discount Phone Card, easy as 1, 2, 3
  1. Click on a featured phone card above to learn more
    or use the rate finder above to compare best rates.
  2. Next, select and purchase your phone card online.
  3. PIN(s) will be sent to you instantly by email.

That's right; just three simple steps to begin saving hundreds to thousands of dollars this year on your long distance calling. Expect tremendous savings when you buy from SpeedyPin today!

What About Using My Cell Phone When I Travel?

cell phone

Cell phones are not always a viable solution for long distance calls. Some cell phone plans do not include nationwide long distance or international long distance. Further, your cell phone may not be a World Phone (doesn’t support GSM), and cannot be used outside of the USA. Even if you have a World Phone, chances are you’ll pay roaming fees and/or a very large per minute rate. This is why you should bring a prepaid phone card with you whenever you travel; it's a cheap alternative you can use with your cell phone or landline.

Rate Comparison: Calling to the USA

Calling From: SpeedyPin Rates The Other Guys
Australia to the USA from 11.9¢/min + possible access surcharge from 12.8¢/min.
Bahrain to the USA from 7.8¢/min + possible access surcharge from 10¢/min.
Iraq to the USA from 9.8¢/min + possible access surcharge from 35¢/min.
Singapore to the USA from 3.5¢/min + possible access surcharge from 10¢/min.
Thailand to the USA from 3.8¢/min + possible access surcharge from 8¢/min.
Overseas U.S. Military Bases to the USA from 5.9¢/min. from 38¢/min.

Tips for Using phone cards When You Travel

  • Phone cards purchased over the Internet typically offer more competitive rates and higher quality connections; compared to phone cards that are purchased over the counter (OTC).
  • Purchase lower denomination phone cards and try to use them up during a single phone call. This tip may help you avoid additional fees to receive the minutes you have paid for.
  • Some phone cards will provide very different rates if used from a payphone or cellular phone. Likewise, calls originating from a country outside of the US and terminating in the US will have higher rates due to international surcharges.
  • Make your purchase based upon the type of phone call you will be making:
    • US domestic
    • International
    • Cellular
  • Know how long your average phone call usually lasts so that you can select the appropriate phone card denomination (e.g. $2, $5, $10, $20).
  • Know the per minute rounding for any card you purchase. For example, three minute rounding means minutes are deducted from your card in blocks of three, even if you make a one minute phone call.
  • If you are traveling outside of the US, make sure you know if your phone card will work internationally.

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