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( footnotes )

N   footnotes
Netherlands 0800-023-5103 a, (CC), ~
Netherlands Antilles 001-800-888-8000 a, (CC), +, M
New Zealand a, (CC)
   Call using Clear ^  0800-99-7744  
   Call using TNZI ^ (Vodafone Mobile access not allowed.) 000-912  
Nicaragua (CC)
   Spanish 1-800-0166  
Norway 800-19912 a, (CC), ~
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P   footnotes
Pakistan 00-800-12-001 (CC)
Panama   a
   Call using C&W 800-0108  
   Call using Telecarrier 800-3456 (CC)
Paraguay 00-812-800 a, +, <, M
Peru 0-800-50010 (CC), M
Philippines a, (CC), ~
   English 105-14  
   Filipino 105-15  
   Call using PLDT (English) 10-10-55-1200  
   Call using PLDT (Filipino) 10-10-55-1210  
Poland 00-800-111-21-22 a, (CC), +
Portugal 800-800-123 a, (CC), +, M
   Includes Azores & Madeira Islands    
Puerto Rico 1-888-757-6655 a, (CC)
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Q   footnotes
Qatar   0800-012-77 a, M
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R   footnotes
Romania 080-803-1800 a, (CC), +
Russia a, (CC), +, ~
   Calling using Sovintel ^ (within Moscow) 960-2222  
   Calling using Sovintel ^ (within St. Petersburg) 346-8022  
   Calling using Rostelecom ^ (outskirts Moscow) 8-495-747-3322  
   Calling using Rostelecom ^ (outskirts St. Petersburg) 8-812-747-3322  
   Calling using Rostelecom ^ (all other areas) 747-3322  
   Calling from Sakhalin Island (from Yuzhno-Sakhalinski) 1616-1 M
Rwanda 299 a, (CC)
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S   footnotes
Saipan 1-888-757-6655 a, (CC), +
San Marino 800-90-5825 a, (CC), ~
Saudi Arabia 1-800-11 a, (CC)
    Country to country calling limited to the following 16 countries: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Jordan , Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar , Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, U.A.E. U.S.A.    
Senegal 800-10-3085
a, (CC), ~
Singapore a, (CC), R
   Call using SingTel   8000-112-112  
   Call using StarHub   8000-010-002  
    Payphone access for respective carrier's access number (ie. SingTel HCD number accessible only from SingTel payphone, StarHub HCD number accessible only from StarHub payphone)      
Slovak Republic 08000-00112 a, (CC)
South Africa 0800-99-0011 a, (CC)
Spain 800-099-357 a, (CC)
Sri Lanka a, (CC)
   Call within Colombo 2440100  
   Call outside of Colombo 11-2440100    
St. Kitts/Nevis 1-800-888-8000 a, +
St. Lucia 1-800-888-8000 a, +
St. Marrten 0-801-0725 a, ~~
St. Pierre and Miquelon 0800-99-0019 a, (CC), ~
St. Vincent 1-800-888-8000 a, +
Sudan 800-002 a, (CC)
Sweden 0-200-895-438 a, (CC), ~
Switzerland 0800-89-0222 a, (CC), ~
Syria 0800 a, (CC)  
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T   footnotes
Taiwan 0080-113-4567 a, (CC), ~
Thailand 001-999-1-2001 a, (CC), M
   Calling from CAT payphones 1-800-0001-21  
   Calling from TOT payphones 1-800-0001-20  
Tonga Islands 0-800-191 a
Trinidad and Tobago 1-800-888-8000 a, +
Turkey 0 8112880012
a, (CC), ~
Turks and Caicos 1-800-888-8000 a, +
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U   footnotes
Ukraine 8*10-013 a, (CC), +, M, P, *
United Arab Emirates 800-0011 a, (CC), ~
United Kingdom   a, (CC)
   Calling from BT ^ 0800-279-5088  
United States 1-888-757-6655 a, (CC)
Uruguay 000-412 a, (CC)
U.S. Virgin Islands 1-888-757-6655 a, (CC)
Uzbekistan, Tashkent City 8641-998 0001 a, (CC), M
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V   footnotes
Vatican City 800-90-5825 a, (CC)
Venezuela   a, (CC), +, ~
   NetUno/Toll Free (English) 0-800-638-1866  
   NetUno/Toll Free (Spanish) 0-800-638-8660  
   NetUno/Local Paid access (English) 0212-7406241  
   NetUno/Local Paid access (Spanish) 0212-7406240  
   CANTV (English) 0800-100-1131  
   CANTV (Spanish) 0800-100-1130  
Vietnam 1201-1022 (CC), ++, ~
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Z   footnotes
Zimbabwe     a, (CC)  
   Calling from fixed line in Harare 717171  
   Calling from outside Harare or Mobile 04 717171  
   Calling from outside Harare 00891  
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Automation available from most locations.
Country-to-country calling available to/from most international locations.
Not available from all phones.
Available from pay phones only.
Available from pay phones, hotels and ports of entry only.
Wait for second dial tone.
International telecommunications carrier.
Public phones may require deposit of coin or phone card for dial tone.
Available from most major cities.
Prepaid calling card service only.
Service not available per PTT at this time (applies to all U.S. carriers).
Service not available, at this time because of fraud blocks.
Regulation does not permit Intra-Japan calls.
Service available ONLY from city post offices.
You cannot place a country-to-country call if you are using a Teleco phone.
Service limited to public telephones/payphone, airports, bus terminals, and hotels.
Service available from ports of entry at the airport and the cruise ship terminal.
Mobile access is blocked.
Payphone access is blocked.
No resale permitted.
Note: Guam, Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI also known as Saipan), Canada, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands are considered Domestic Access locations.
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