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Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions > General

How do I call from a US Military base without using an AT&T phone? (ARYNA)
Our MCI Verizon World Traveler phone card enables military personnel to call back to the USA via the DSN line (on base) at the current low domestic USA rate of 5.9¢/min.

Note: You can learn more about our World Traveler phone card and AT&T phone cards by visiting our Military web page.

How do I recharge my card (PIN) online? (BGJEH)
You can recharge your phone card PIN by logging into your SpeedyPin.com account and selecting the recharge option. You may also find your phone card on our website, enter your PIN and select an amount to add to it before logging into your account to checkout.

Note: Enjoy even more convenience and freedom by trying Auto-recharge. Use it for as long as you’d like. You have complete control! Learn more about Auto-recharge.

What do I do if my card is experiencing an unforeseen issue? (CCKXG)
You must first contact the carrier for your phone card to submit an inquiry. The customer support information for your phone card can be found in your order receipt (email) and online.

The carrier, not SpeedyPin.com, has the ability to address any unforeseen technical phone card issues and resolve them. These include, but are not limited to a connection problem, rate discrepancy or lost minutes. Further, the carrier has access to your call detail reports.

Note: If the carrier for your phone card is unable to provide a satisfactory remedy, you must contact SpeedyPin.com within 30 days of the original purchase date to begin an inquiry. We will intervene on your behalf with the carrier to have a phone card or lost minutes promptly replaced, or we will provide you with additional minutes to make up for a defect unresolved by the carrier. Complete guarantee details can be read here.

Will I receive my phone card instantly? (CDKVE)
Most phone card orders placed online are instantly completed. Within minutes, you will receive an order receipt via email containing your phone card PIN, dialing instructions and more helpful information. You may also view your purchase history by logging into your SpeedyPin.com account.

Note: Please check your Spam, Junk or Bulk email folder if this email does not arrive in your email Inbox within a normal period time.

My order was for $20, but a $30 charge appears credit/debit account. Why? (DGCEH)
We never capture more funds that the cost of an order. The higher amount you see on your statement is due to "blocking" as it is called in the payment industry. Although we did not cause the higher block, also called a "hold", on your account, we know they can be frustrating for those unable to access their funds or available credit. We're happy to explain what's going on.

Since some types of merchants—such as car rental agencies, hotels, cable companies, restaurants—do not know what the final charge will be when they seek authorization for a transaction, they often place large holds on credit/debit accounts to ensure they will receive full payment. You may only plan on staying one night in a hotel at $100/night, but the hotel may request a hold of $250 to cover room service, in-room entertainment, telephone calls and other incidentals. Even after the transaction is complete, after you return the rental car or check out of a hotel for example, the higher amount may continue to show on your statement until the hold expires after anywhere from 3 to 30 days. (This is particularly true if you do not pay the final bill with the credit/debit card you used to check-in.) You can contact your card company to determine how long they wait before expiring holds on your account.

Some card companies, especially in the case of prepaid debit cards, carry blocking a step further and automatically apply holds larger than the purchase amount regardless of who the merchant is or what is being bought. We have no control over this. We cannot stop your card company from placing a larger hold on your account and we cannot cause them to remove it. Regrettably, you must wait until the hold expires.

How do I receive my card (PIN)? (DGJYJ)
Once your order has been completed, you will receive an order receipt via email containing your phone card PIN, dialing instructions and more helpful information. Your may also view your previous purchase history by logging into your SpeedyPin.com account.

Note: Please check your Spam, Junk or Bulk email folder if this email does not arrive in your email Inbox within a normal period time.

What do I do if my order is “Pending?? (FTCUD)
If you have a pending order there is no need to call SpeedyPin.com. A customer support representative will automatically review your order, and if necessary call you to help complete it. This is generally done within 15 minutes of your order being placed during regular business hours.

Note: If you have placed an order outside of our regular business hours and it is assigned a “Pending? status, we will review your order the next business day.

Do you guarantee your cards? (NAGVH)
Yes! We offer a 100% Phone Card Guarantee on the phone cards sold at SpeedyPin.com. Complete guarantee details can be read here.

What is a carrier Service Fee? (NUYMV)
A fee assessed by a telecommunications carrier to service a phone call. Even with the addition of a carrier service fee, phone cards can help you to save up to 95% more for every international long distance phone call you make versus direct dialing.

Note: Not all phone cards sold on SpeedyPin.com have a service fee.

I made one purchase, but see multiple charges to my credit/debit card. Why? (PMRED)
We will only ever capture funds in the amount of your order. The additional transactions represent holds placed on your account by your credit/debit card company for aborted transaction attempts, but we will not capture the funds. We are not able to remove these holds or even effectively request their removal, but they will automatically expire, generally within 3 to 5 business days. Please contact your credit/debit card company to discuss.

Helpful Notes: Since we know this can be a frustrating circumstance for those unable to access their funds or available credit, we're happy to explain what's going on. Each time a credit card payment is attempted one of three things can happen.

  1. First, the payment can be declined outright, because the purchase would exceed your daily purchase limit for example. In that case, nothing should show on your account and the purchase will not go through.

  2. Second, the payment might be approved without reservation. In that case the purchase will proceed and the funds will be transferred from your credit/debit account to us.

  3. It is the third circumstance which can create problems. Sometimes the credit/debit card company will approve a transaction and place a hold on your account but also indicate that there are serious problems with the transaction. A very common case is a mismatched address. The addresses customers supply sometimes do not match the ones on file with their credit/debit card companies, perhaps because they recently moved or made a typing error. Sometimes, we can safely overlook address mismatches and proceed as though nothing were wrong, but much of the time we decide not to capture the funds since a mismatched address is a strong indication of fraud. (People who use stolen credit cards often do not know the address of the card holder.) Even when we choose not to capture the funds, the hold will remain on your account until it expires, in 3 to 30 days as stated previously. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to hasten expiration. Contact your credit/debit card company to determine how long the hold will remain in place.

You can do a few things to avoid unwanted holds on your account.

  • Always ensure that your debit/credit card company knows your current mailing address.
  • When making online purchases, enter the address on file with your credit/debit card company exactly as it appears on your monthly statements.

  • The Credit Card Security Code (https://www.speedypin.com/cvv_where.htm) must also be entered exactly as it appears on your card. Since it can sometimes rub off, it's a good idea to write it down somewhere when you receive a new card.

If you are certain you entered your address correctly, but your payment is still being rejected, stop trying with that credit/debit card. Additional attempts might result in more unwanted holds. Instead, try a different card if you have one or call our helpful customer support staff who can often process payments that our website rejects.

Why is my order “Pending?? (YBGWE)
There can be a variety of reasons for why your order is “Pending.? Reasons may include a recent change of mailing or email address, location and other more technical reasons identified by our security software. This is done to safeguard both parties against fraudulent orders.

Do you offer any discounts? (YMRUD)
Yes! SpeedyPin.com offers a variety of discounts.

Discounts Include:

• Instant 5% Off orders of $40 or more
• Instant 10% Off orders of $100 or more
• 20% Off Refer a Friend coupon
• Exclusive Military and Student discounts
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